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    A New Era is About To Begin

Over three decades ago, Bill Easum launched 21st Century Strategies in order to share his experience and knowledge with churches across the US. As he did, he picked up a couple things:

Research • Statistics • A Continental Database • Strategic Alliances • Affiliate Supporters • A Managing Partner • Senior Consulting Partners • Associates • A Staff of Assistants...

Earlier this year it became clear the company was no longer a couple of church geeks with a boatload of experience in church planting and transformation ... it had become a church leadership resourcing center that had outgrown its original mandate of sharing what we'd learned from our own experiences.

And so, here we are, relaunching our company.

New Name • New Website • New Resources • New Strategies • New Alliances

But with the same experience and commitment to partnering with leaders and spurring their churches on to reach their maximum effectiveness.

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21st Century Strategies is now...

The Effective Church Group

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